History of the Institution

Welcome To Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School


The Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School was founded by the Late Mr. Jehangirji Maneckji Cooper, in memory of his late father Mr. Maneckji Bejonji Cooper who was a renowned educationist.

Sir W. W. Hunter, of the Education Commission of 1882 had paid a glowing tribute in the following words:

“Had there been five more men in the whole of India of the Calibre and understanding of Mr. Cooper this education commission would never have been appointed because his work alone had solved the problem of the Commission.”

The unique Maneckji Cooper Nursery school, inaugurated on the 15th September 1959, on the sacred day of the Late Maneckji Cooper’s birth Anniversary, by Honourable Shri. S. K. Patil (Union Minister of Food and Agriculture) was thus a fitting tribute paid by the sole surviving son Mr. Jehangirji Cooper to the revered memory of his father. Mr. Jehangirji Cooper at the time of the inauguration had prayed that “This Nursery School be a model at least in India”

The progress of the Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School has proved that the sincere prayer of the Donor has come true and the beautiful Nursery founded by him has now blossomed into a full-fledged ICSE school.

His sons, Mr. Kaikhushru Maneckji Cooper and Mr. Jehangirji Maneckji Cooper jointly started the firm of K. & G. Cooper, Educational Publishers, Mumbai. Their publications were widely sought after, not only in India but all over the world.

The “Progressive English Composition” by P.C. Wren which was first published in July 1911 has the unique record of being one of the longest published books in the annals of the Indian School textbooks.

The students of the school over the past several years have made us proud. Several successful and distinguished citizens of India are alumni of the school. Each year the school has excellent academic results. The cultural and extra-curricular activities by the students truly fulfills the dreams and aspirations of the founders.